From our Headmaster

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Dulwich College (Singapore).

At Dulwich College (Singapore) our students always come first. The College offers a friendly, student-centred learning environment where your child is placed at the heart of the learning process. The Dulwich educational philosophy places equal emphasis on intellectual and personal development. We are a truly international and holistic school which as part of the “commonwealth of Dulwich”, draws upon 400 years of tradition from our founding College in London and our sister schools in Asia.

In DUCKS, Junior and lower Senior School, the College follows an enhanced form of the English National Curriculum, incorporating elements of the Common Entrance syllabus. From the age of 10, our students are taught by subject specialist teachers in subject specific learning spaces. In Senior School, the College is an IB World school authorised to offer the IB Diploma as well as the International General Certificate of Secondary education (IGCSE).

All of our students are encouraged to participate in sporting competition and every child from the age of 7 is taught a musical instrument. Drama and opportunities for public speaking feature heavily from an early age.

As an internationally-minded school we believe in the importance of our young people acquiring confidence and competence in languages other than English. We offer a dual language programme in English and Mandarin for students from 2 to 7 years of age and daily Chinese classes, streamed according to ability from the age of 4. Additional modern foreign languages are offered in our Senior School.

Bringing out the best in our students means developing and nurturing creative and confident individuals with the soft skills to tackle and enjoy the rigours of life in the 21st Century. Our educational philosophy is based on teaching students how to learn. We encourage our students to work independently and develop their thinking to challenge and be challenged in return.

All of this is encompassed within a strong pastoral support programme which is firmly rooted in our House system. Our students have a strong sense of identity and belonging and good 'old fashioned' values of respect, courtesy and good manners are recognised and reinforced.

Dulwich College (Singapore): a school of many nations but a family of one.

With warmest regards, 

Nick Magnus






    • 71 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8
    • Singapore, 658966

    • CPE Registration Number: 201027137D
    • Period of Registration: 09-01-2016 to 08-01-2020


Our Heritage

The close collaboration among our Colleges stimulates innovation and encourages an international outlook, which we believe provides students an advantage in the future they will face. The result is a community where academic ability is nourished, creativity is valued, diversity is celebrated and inspiration is paramount.

Our Facilities

Our College campus is an expression of our learning philosophy. We offer an educational environment designed to nurture the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of our students. 

Our Approach to Learning

Our students experience the very best of a British Independent School education, which is holistic, academically challenging and adapted to meet the individual needs of our international family.

Dual Language Learning for the 21st Century

We recognise the importance of competency and fluency in a second language. To this end, we are committed to a dual language approach in DUCKS (age 1 - 7) where children are taught in both English and Mandarin. Students in DUCKS and Junior School receive daily Chinese classes which are streamed according to their ability.

One College, Many Campuses -
Join Us

Information relating to the Dulwich College (Singapore) admissions experience can be found here. Would you like your child to follow in the footsteps of so many eminent Old Alleynians? (as past students of all Dulwich Colleges are known)

Seeking Fellow Professionals

Innovative, committed, child-centred professionals are required to drive our school forward to make it one of the very best in South East Asia and beyond. Do you have what it takes to join the Dulwich College (Singapore) family and shape the future?


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