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Prospective Parents

Where and when can I buy the uniform?
Uniform can be bought directly from the Uniform supplier Lim's Uniforms Departmental Store.
211 Holland Avenue
#02-18 Holland Road Shopping Centre Singapore 278967
Tel: +65 6468 3655 Fax: +65 6469 0017
UEN No: 10856800L
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 8:00pm
Sunday and Public Holidays 10:30am-6:00pm

You will receive communication from the College where we will guide you through the process for the purchasing of uniform. In addition, further parent information sessions will be organised throughout the year where we will be able to answer any questions that you may have. All of the uniform items will be available for purchase from our uniform vendor with the exception of black leather school shoes which are the responsibility of parents.

Do the children need to have a Dulwich College (Singapore) school bag? Do they need to provide their own stationery?
Yes, a Dulwich College (Singapore) rucksack is part of the uniform and can be purchased from the Uniform Supplier. Children can provide their own pencils and pens although these will also be made available by the College.

What are the conditions of entry into Dulwich College (Singapore)?
Students entering the College have the intellectual capacity to access the English National Curriculum and reside in Singapore with at least one parent. For further details, please see our Admissions Policy.

Are there currently places available for students at Dulwich College (Singapore)?
There is a high demand for places and parents are advised to contact the Admissions Department for current availability.

How do I apply?
Parents must submit a completed application form available on the website, together with all of the required supporting documents and the application fee. The admissions team will contact you to arrange the assessment upon receiving the full application.

How do I apply from overseas?
As above. Assessments can be carried out remotely in the students’ current school.



What ages are the students at Dulwich College (Singapore)?
As of the 2016-2017 academic year, we cater for students from Toddler (aged 2) to Year 10 (aged 14-15). We will then grow organically, year on year so that we will eventually cater for students from age 2 to 18 years old.

Where are your expatriate teachers from?
The majority of the teachers at the College are British or have experience teaching the English National Curriculum. As an international school, we also have teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, China and South Africa.

What average years of experience do your teachers have?
We require that all our teachers have at least two years’ experience and a very good understanding of the needs of expatriate students. At the moment, our current teachers who are employed for the 2016/17 academic year have an average of 12 years teaching experience each. They are recruited by the Headmaster and the Heads of School.

What clubs and after-school activities does the College offer?
Dulwich College (Singapore) offers an extensive range of clubs and after-school activities. These are offered on an optional basis as part of the tuition fees. In addition a number of out sourced providers offer activities at the College e.g. Golf. There is an additional charge for these activities.

What is the homework policy?
Year Group Total Weekly Homework (not including reading)
Year 3: up to 1 hour
Year 4: up to 1.5 hours
Year 5: 2 hours
Year 6: up to 5 hours
Year 7-9: 5-7 hours
Year 10-11: 10 hours
Year 12-13: 12-15 hours

What is Additional Educational Needs (AEN)?
Students with additional needs are those who have been identified as requiring either support or enrichment at some level throughout all or some of their time at the College. This includes those students who have EAL or may be described as Gifted and Talented.

Does the College offer Learning Support and facilities for students with Special Needs?
DCSG is academically selective and offers British-based schooling to students who can intellectually access the English National Curriculum. We do not offer an additional curriculum to those with special learning needs. However, our team of Learning Support and EAL Specialists may be able to provide assistance to students who find particular aspects of the curriculum challenging.

What is the discipline policy at Dulwich College (Singapore)?
We have a comprehensive Code of Conduct for students which are outlined in full in our Parents Handbook, which is sent to all families shortly before the child takes up a place at the College. Our approach is very simple; we are firm, fair and consistent when dealing with discipline issues and we always put the child first.

What does the College do about bullying?
The College does not tolerate bullying in any form. We believe that every individual is entitled to work and learn in a safe and secure environment. Our policy is to raise awareness of bullying through class discussions and special Friendship Days and to give students opportunities to talk about bullying in general. We supervise key areas of the College throughout break and lunchtimes, have procedures in place to investigate incidents and we follow specified guidelines for listening to victims, witnesses and bullies.

Is there an entrance exam?
From Year 3, there is an entrance exam. The College may also request further relevant information, administer placement tests or request an extra interview if deemed necessary.

Can students commence school in the middle of the academic year?
Although students are encouraged to commence school at the beginning of each academic year, we do accept students joining us at any time during the academic year provided the entry requirements are met.

What curriculum does Dulwich College (Singapore) offer?
Our programme of study allows students from Years 6 to 8 to have access to subject specialists and maintain breadth as well as depth. We base our courses on a selection of topics from the National Curriculum for England and Wales and the Common Entrance syllabus to align ourselves with the expectations of top independent schools in the UK. This leads into the IGCSE course which are followed over a three year programme from Year 9 to 11 allowing for enrichment opportunities to be built into the learning environments that we create. We will be following IBDP in Years 12 and 13 that will allow students to apply to the top universities worldwide.

What are the class sizes at the College?
The targeted number of students per class at Dulwich College (Singapore) is 16 in Toddler, 16 in Nursery, 20 in Reception and 22 from Year 1 to Year 10.

Do you have Specialist Teachers in DUCKS and Junior School?
Yes, we have Specialist Teachers in Mandarin, Design Technology, Music and PE. In Year 6 all of our subjects are taught by specialist teachers.

Do you have Assistant Teachers?
Yes, our Assistant teachers are qualified early years Teachers in DUCKS, and are also proficient in Mandarin. They are essential to our dual language approach in DUCKS. In Years 3 and 4 and in specialist subjects such as PE and Music there are additional Assistant Teachers who support the students.

What languages are taught at the School?
The College offers a dual language English/Mandarin programme in DUCKS with daily Mandarin classes that are streamed according to ability and experience. In the Junior School, Mandarin is taught daily in streamed ability groups. In Senior School, in addition to Mandarin we also offer Spanish and French as a modern foreign language. As the Senior School grows, additional modern foreign language options will be offered to students.

Do your teachers all have teaching qualifications?
Yes, all of our teachers are graduates with relevant teaching qualifications and experience.

Does the school take students on field trips?
Yes, field trips are an important part of any child’s education. All the children will participate in day trips. From Year 4 onwards the children will also be able to take advantage of residential trips where they will stay overnight away from home. The College offers some fabulous opportunities for outdoor education, leadership and team building as well as community, action and service projects.

How many days a week will students do sport as part of the regular program?
In DUCKS and Junior School they will have two PE lessons and one swimming lesson per week. In the Senior School they will have two PE lessons per week. This is in addition to daily sporting opportunities through our ECA programme.

Is there a further levy to be paid on top of school fees? Is this per child? Is it a one off?
There is a one off capital levy of S$3500 per child, is paid in addition to the first terms fees.

Do you have an example timetable of the day - eg breaks and lunches etc?
The timetable includes a morning lunch and afternoon break in DUCKS and a morning and Lunch break in Junior and Senior school. The lunch break will be one hour to accommodate dinning, ECAs and House competitions.

What level of support/tutoring for 11+ /12+/13+ exams will you offer?
It is our duty to support our students where it is needed. Additional support and preparation for 11+, entrance exams and Common entrance will be dealt with on a case by case basis.



What if my child gets sick at school?
We have qualified English speaking nurses onsite. The Nursing Stations have beds and areas where first aid can be administered. The Nurses will contact a parent or guardian if the decision is made that the student is too unwell to complete the school day or if further medical treatment is required.

As a parent new to the College are there opportunities for me to become involved in the College?
Yes, as either a member of the Parent Organisation, Friends of Dulwich and/or as a volunteer in the classroom. As a Dulwich College (Singapore) parent you belong to Friends of Dulwich (FoD). This group has been formed to help bring together parents as a community, to give them the means to contribute to the local community in which we all live and to keep them informed and involved with the school. This is done through many social events and fundraising activities for charity organised throughout the year.

Do students have to wear a uniform?
Yes. All students at Dulwich College (Singapore) (with the optional choice for Toddlers) must wear a school uniform with black, leather school shoes. Uniform can be purchased directly from the supplier. The cost of uniform is not included in the tuition fees.

What is the cut-off date for students entering the College?
Students entering Toddlers in the September of any specific year must have turned 2 by 1st September. Students entering Nursery must have turned 3 by the 1st September cut-off date and so on as we progress up the College. Students will be placed in Year Groups according to their date of birth. Exceptions are made only in extraordinary circumstances.

Will the College arrange transportation?
Yes, a comprehensive school bus programme is available. The cost of bussing is not included in the tuition. This will also include transport for after school activities.

Are Singapore Citizens allowed to study at Dulwich College (Singapore)?
Under the Compulsory Education Act, all resident Singapore Citizens between the ages of 6 & 15 are required to complete primary education in their national schools, unless exempted by Ministry of Education (MOE). Parents planning to enrol their Singapore Citizen children in Dulwich College (Singapore) are required to seek approval from Ministry of Education (MOE) through Dulwich College (Singapore).

Does Dulwich College (Singapore) offer boarding facilities?
DCSG is currently considering offering boarding facilities to students from the age of 11. This facility will not be available until the completion of Phase III. Currently this is expected to be August 2020. The facilities, if offered, will be part of the school campus.

What time does school start and finish?
Students in Toddlers, and Nursery are expected to be in school for registration at 9am. They can go home at 12:30 (half day) or 3:25 (full day). Students in Reception start at 9am and finish at 3:25. In Years 1 and 2 we begin the school day at 8:40 and finish at 3:25. From Year 3 we start the school day at 8:40am and finish at 3:35.
In addition, a crèche facility is supervised for Toddler, Nursery and Reception classes from 8:40.

Can my child buy snacks, drinks and lunch at school?
A: All students may bring a snack and a water bottle with them to school. There is a hot lunch option catered by Sodexo who also provide a break time snack. Those not opting for school lunch must bring a packed lunch. Water is available for all students to drink at the end of play times and water coolers are located throughout the College site. Parents may also wish to pack a healthy drink, such as fruit juice or milk.

When are school fees due?
The due date for school fees based on the current student contract for 2016/2017 is May, September and January. The capital levy is a one off payment due with Term 1 tuition fees.

Do you accept children who require student passes?
Currently Dulwich College (Singapore) does accept applications from students who require a student pass. In order to study at Dulwich College (Singapore) students require either a Student Pass, Dependent Pass, Permanent Residency or be a Singapore Citizen who has obtained exemption from the Ministry of Eductaion (MOE). 

Is there flexibility to take the bus one way only, and pay accordingly?
Yes, the costs will be for one way and return journeys.

Does each bus have a bus attendant?
Yes, an adult supervises the children on the bus at all times.

Roughly how much will the buses cost?
Currently the Bus Fares are as follows:
    One way - from $378 upwards (depending on distance)
    Two way - from $504 upwards (depending on distance)
Price is based on distance to school from stated address.
Price excludes prevailing GST.
Price includes a complimentary ECA bus service for Year 2 and above.
For more information, please email our transport providers KAL Transport PTE Ltd

Are ECA buses an extra cost?
We offer a complimentary ECA bus service.

For the canteen facilities, will there be cashless transactions or cash for the children?
Cashless, through the use of a charge card which parents can load with credit either manually or online.

How long will the bus the journey to the College be?
The journey time does not exceed one hour.

ECAs - will they be every night, will there be an ECA bus, will this be an extra cost, what will be on offer?
ECAs will take place every day, Monday to Friday. An ECA bus service is provided free of charge. The range of ECAs will be diverse and will be shared with parents and students at the beginning of the term.

How many students will the school eventually cater for?

Do you have a healthy lunch policy? Will lunch/snacks be fresh, healthy food that is prepared and cooked on the premises ?
Yes, the College has a professional catering facility which prepares and cooks all meals daily and on the premises.


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    • Singapore, 658966

    • CPE Registration Number: 201027137D
    • Period of Registration: 09-01-2016 to 08-01-2020


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