Community Service at Dulwich College (Singapore)

"We want all our students to go on to make a meaningful difference to the lives of others. We hope that their experience of Community Service at DCSG gives them the tools and outlook to achieve this." Polly Sinnett-Jones | Community Service Coordinator

At Dulwich College (Singapore) we are committed to running a curriculum-focused approach to Community Service in addition to the service opportunities provided through our ECA programme. This means not only supporting projects within the College, locally or internationally, but also promoting service through class initiatives, PSHE lessons and enrichment days. Independent student action to launch new projects is also greatly encouraged. This diverse approach gives every child, from DUCKS right through to Year 11, the opportunity to be involved and to make a difference. It is the aim of the College that every student participates in at least one service project each academic year.

"From taking part in my Community ECA I have learned different ways to communicate with others, such as holding up my pencil to show I want them to colour with me. It has made me more confident." Year 3 Student

This approach also instills the importance of building sustainable and meaningful relationships with people and organisations which allows them to demonstrate a significant impact on the community they serve. Their active involvement helps to foster the empathy, teamwork, confidence, independence and creativity that are key components of IB success in Years 12 and 13. Their increased international-mindedness and awareness of those around them, and the issues they face, puts our students on the path to become active global citizens.

"I loved helping out with Reception children because it was nice to help the younger students draw and solve puzzles. At first I was shy but then I was not shy anymore." Year 7 Student

There are a wide variety of projects being run at the College, examples of which include: visits to a home for the elderly, delivery of food parcels to HDBs in Singapore, running of a wheelchair restoration service and student mentoring within the College. Internationally, DCSG also continue to build a long term and multi-level relationship with United World Schools (UWS) and fund a partner school in the Steng Trung province in a very remote part of rural Cambodia.

“I enjoy participating in the Community Action Group because helping others (whether in school, locally or internationally) is so important to me since it means we are taking small steps to make the world a better place for everyone.” Year 10 Student


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The close collaboration among our Colleges stimulates innovation and encourages an international outlook, which we believe provides students an advantage in the future they will face. The result is a community where academic ability is nourished, creativity is valued, diversity is celebrated and inspiration is paramount.

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Our College campus is an expression of our learning philosophy. We offer an educational environment designed to nurture the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of our students. 

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Our students experience the very best of a British Independent School education, which is holistic, academically challenging and adapted to meet the individual needs of our international family.

Dual Language Learning for the 21st Century

We recognise the importance of competency and fluency in a second language. To this end, we are committed to a dual language approach in DUCKS (age 1 - 7) where children are taught in both English and Mandarin. Students in DUCKS and Junior School receive daily Chinese classes which are streamed according to their ability.

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